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by admin on July 16, 2006

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Gawd – sounds like a branded drink eh? Anyway, Lewis PR blogger Jon Silk challenges me to name the top five blogging tools I can’t do without. OK Jon, you got my attention, especially seeing he played the ego card so well (he’s not in PR for nowt :) )

  1. NetNewsWire – RSS reader/organiser. Who can live without one of these?
  2. Ecto – my online/offline post writer
  3. Crispy News – self-selecting items of interest but not Digg which is way too generalised geekyboy centric for me and certainly not techmeme which seems increasingly an ego thing. At present I mostly use and contribute to AccountantsAtLarge and Enterprise Irregulars
  4. Technorati – how I hate it for its crappy and inconsistent updating but seeing as how it’s decided I’m in the top 10K I guess it gets my ego vote. I might have also added StatCounter except it doesn’t get Camino (yawn)
  5. Feeds2 – personalising and prioritising news within my feeds which NetNewsWire should be doing but doesn’t.

I could have added WordPress the platform and NOT the dot com version. I could also have added Feed43 for all those dumb ass people that don’t get this stuff. How Jon arrives at Blogger is beyond me but there’s no accounting for taste. Including YouTube suggests he must have WAY too much time on his hands. Like Tebbo, I could have added Netvibes but I’m gravitating towards some sort of Office 2.0 thing.

Since this is a game of tag, I’ll pass the baton onto:

Stuart Jones, Philip Woodgate, Stefan Topfer, David Terrar and Richard Murphy.

Endnote: I wonder how much this selection will have changed in say a years’ time?

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