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by admin on October 14, 2006

in Innovation

Last Friday, Dan Farber invited me into the San Francisco offices of Cnet to participate in his Dan and Dave Friday show. It was a fun half hour. David Berlind had been at a Gartner summit – it produced some hilarious quotes.

A clip from Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer was classic – the closest thing to digital porn I’ve heard from a corporate CEO. Then there is ‘Ron from Orlando’ who reckons Nick Carr is:

‘Stupid – and I don’t listen to stupid people.’

I’ve had my fair share of exchanges with Nick and yes – sometimes he sounds stupid. A lot of the time he makes sense. But then don’t we all?

On the show, David, Dan and I discussed innovation in the context of cost constrained IT budgets, industry analyst Gartner’s take on where IT spend should go and new developments at Salesforce.

As a bonus, I got to meet Dawn Kawamoto, the Cnet journalist who was pretexted by HP. A very pleasant and personable lady.

As an aside – it’s nice to sit in a coffee shop with wifi, posting this while watching the downtown world of San Francisco go by. Very different from Andalucia. And speaking of nice experiences, Apple exchanged my six month old iPod without hassle. The old one refused to charge using USB and the battery drained within 15 minutes. That encouraged me to buy some gadgets which anecdotally proves there is genuine logic in providing a quality service.

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