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by admin on November 28, 2006

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Neil McIntyre’s Journal Entries deserves a special mention. Neil’s one of my regular Canadian readers but it’s been a long time since I dipped into his blog. I’ve been missing out.

Neil passed the Canadian equivalent of CA finals. It’s called the UFE. And you think qualifying standards in the UK are tough? Think again.

Congratulations Neil. And to your mate at A Counting School. You folk have worked real hard for this achievement. Bask in the glory for a little while at least.

These folk have real passion for the profession and what it’s giving them. Most folk when they’ve passed their finals just want to forget study forever. Not these. And they’re refreshingly honest in adjusting to their new found position:

I can’t say as I felt more competent than last week, although inside I felt more confident…

Where does one go from here? I had a short-term goal, but had deferred thinking about anything long-term, partially out of superstition. I didn’t want to count my chicks before they’d hatched, but now that they’re out there, I need my trusty calculator!

I can think of a few firms who’d love to offer this type of candidate the chance to learn in the UK.

As an aside, the near absolute dominance of the Big Four is evident from the Honour Roll. I wish I could feel more positive than I do.

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Neil November 29, 2006 at 1:12 am

Hey Dennis, thanks for the kind words and congratulations! As for the UK firms you know who'd love to have me, give them my contact info. Have you seen this post of mine from earlier this year? I'd jump at the chance to live and work in London!

Krupo November 29, 2006 at 5:56 am

Thanks Dennis. :)

Valid point about the big four honour roll dominance – 8 of the 10 Honour Roll writers in Ontario came from the big shops, and similar dominance occured cross-country.

I had lunch with an honour roller today – amusingly he had no idea how he did it.

Ironically, you could be the 11th person who just missed a single point from sneaking onto the list – but you'll never know: that's because the page which you linked to at the ICAO that says the following is makes their site a House of Lies: "The official communication of detailed results including decile rankings for individual students is made via regular mail."

I'll share one keener fact that caught a few people by surprise: you will *not* find out your decile place – I'll bet they reused some boilerplate text from one of the two qualifying exams where you do find out.

If you fail, you get a decent breakdown. But if you pass, you either make the rarefied ranks of the honour roll, or you simply join the vast group of people who "simply passed".

As nice as it would be to know how you did, it might be absolutely maddening to find out you were just a phrase or five away from sneaking onto the list. So having given it some thought, I'm willing to not complain too loudly about the lack of direct feedback. :)

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