Bright Idea – 2007/1

by admin on January 8, 2007

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I’ve decided that as I come across or dream up things I think are bright ideas then I’ll post them here. The idea is to test an idea; however whacky it might sound. This first one is about workplace compensation.

Volunteer Human Resources like to feel good about themselves. They like to feel valued. We all know that. So, why not think about letting them all have personal accounts? Check this:

Most professional accountants I know are music lovers. A few fancy themselves as part time rock stars. SAP has a terrific classical orchestra, Where else would you expect quality like that other than at the world’s largest enterprise apps vendor? A number of bloggers I know have eclectic musical tastes. David Terrar talked about this the other day. He likes Mog. It’s brilliant. Now I know that David’s a mine of information about 1980s hits ands he’s scoring a ton of hits so is creating community. I absolutely love I can create community there as well but it takes a different tack.

It allowed me to find an Erasure track that’s only available for download. You can customise the tune, buy and download it complete with unique artwork. I’m now the proud owner of two unique Erasure tracks with artwork to go with them. And more than happy to pay the x2 cost of a near equivalent but bog standard version at Amazon or the Apple Music Store.

Apart from whether this might become a digital collectible with a unique value, I would never have found this if I didn’t have access to while I was researching something else. That inspired me to think about workplace happiness. While all this was going on I was having a great time. It made writing the next two pieces a lot more fun. wins because they get something out of the deal. Erasure gets some money for providing a really smart service and I’m in a great mood to do the next thing.

Hit or a miss as an element in the total comp package?

Clues to value: community, enhanced well-being, improved process execution

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James Governor January 9, 2007 at 12:53 pm

hello mate. you don't appear to have joined dorktunes yet.

Also – this system doesn't appear to remember my deets, which is a bit of a pain..

James Governor January 9, 2007 at 3:53 pm

hello mate. you don't appear to have joined dorktunes yet.

Also – this system doesn't appear to remember my deets, which is a bit of a pain..

David Terrar January 20, 2007 at 1:51 pm

On music, downloads, and side effects of the "Long Tail", the most recent change in the way the charts are compiled will lead to a lot more of our golden oldies making the charts and getting back in to conventional radio playlists. For a while charts have been compiled on all forms of sales and downloads, but a recent change means an artist doesn't have to have current product on the record store shelves. That will begin to change things. For example, download company reports that the most downloaded artist by their customers last year was Depeche Mode – one of your favourites. Interesting to see what classics make the charts in 2007.

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