Krupo – an auditor with attitude

by admin on January 23, 2007

in Humour

A Counting School’s article Harming the Poor is an interesting use of logic combined with the right amount of wit. Making an argument for the scrapping the minimum wage, author Krupo says:

If you want to help the poor – and that’s certainly a Good Thing – but there are better ways. The Earned Income Tax Credit already exists in several countries and has the benefit of being in some ways compaitble with the current tax system. The Negative Income Tax is another option, but it would essentially mean a complete overhaul of the entire tax code in any country that has an existing system, so it’s unlikely to ever happen.

This person used to be a journalist before becoming an auditor. I think the professional world is a lot better place for it. Just as it was when I went in exactly the opposite direction.

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