Microsoft wants to WOW you at $16 each

by admin on January 30, 2007

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Some reports put Microsoft’s advertising spend on Vista at $500 million. That works out at $16.67 per unit on the basis of projected Vista shipments for 2007. Not a huge amount in the scale of things but then it worries me that Microsoft thinks it needs to ‘wow‘ its customers. Joe Wilcox thinks Steve Ballmer is the architect of a new Microsoft:

Microsoft has a long history of customer unfriendly marketing that emphasizes features instead of empathizing with customers. There has been little emotional content or context.

The first “Wow” ad I saw today is empathetic and familiar.

Sure – consumers can suck it up if they wish. But business people already know that ‘wow’ factor comes at a price. There’s a burgeoning amount of comment on Techmeme. In the meantime, when I tried to watch one of the ads on my PowerBook with 1GB memory? The pic above shows the results. And the ad’s not on YouTube. Boo.

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