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by admin on February 14, 2007

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I received an email telling me EditGrid is out of beta. They’ve launched a paid subscription service aimed at small businesses:

SSL Encryption – All traffic to and from our servers are encrypted for security and confidentiality.

Organisation Portal – manage users accounts and spreadsheets under your organisation.

Usage Reports – tracking usage activities.

Custom Login Page – It’s your login page. With your logo.

Customer Support – response within the next business day.

Regular readers will know that despite my aversion to spreadsheets, I like this service a lot. It’s integrated to salesforce.com

Some interesting stats from the beta period:

Over 15,000 registered personal users, from 30+ countries.

Over 200 trial organisations and 4,500 trial organisation users.

Over 23,000 spreadsheets, among which 10,000+ are public spreadsheets.

Translated into 9 languages by users through EditGrid Localisation Project.

Over 1,000 blog mentions and 1,400 del.icio.us bookmarks.

These numbers won’t even register on Microsoft’s radar. Which is just fine. I see also sorts of uses for this in the SMB world.

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