OpenCoffee Club to hold first international meeting

by admin on May 24, 2007

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Not content with going viral, OpenCoffee Club is holding its first international meeting in Amsterdam next week. So says David Lenehan in a glowing post about OpenCoffee on the wildly popular Read/Write site. Excellent stuff and congratulations to Saul Klein for making this happen. What I didn’t know is that OCC now has 689 751 members. Cripes, that’s exponential growth.

There’s no doubt OCC’s appeal stems from the events being free to attend – the price of admission being an idea and the price of a cup of coffee. But it’s more. Sam Sethi is quoted as saying:

“Open Coffee Club is like speed dating for VCs and Entrepreneurs. VCs can come along and quickly meet lots of interesting startups and hear their ideas”

I’m in London 6th June and will be making time to attend on 7th. I’m going to run a wee experiment. Certain clients have requested meetings and I’m going to see if I can persuade at least a couple to tip up at OCC instead of the usual arrangement of trekking to an office or a posh hotel. Why? I’d like some of my clients to see the energy these places are generating, take it back to their own companies and ask the question: “How do we go about understanding this so it brings value?”

As an exercise in viral communication, OCC is working well. Read/Write’s post hit techmeme which pretty much guarantees a spike in traffic and interest. Conor O’Neill, co-founder of the extremely promising LouderVoice service has an entertaining write up of his recent visit:

Graham Salmon picked up the challenge to get more accountants to these events and came up with a thought provoking post on the topic. David Terrar is a regular correspondent for the London meeting, though this week it seems he had to send a locum. Initial reports say there were around 50 attendees.

All of this is very good news for startups and a terrific proxy for the way in which new media is impacting the ability for people to network and collaborate in the real world.

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