BT white labels EchoSign and drops pricing clanger

by admin on July 10, 2007

in Innovation

BT has done a white labeling deal with EchoSign. On the face of things, it’s a good idea. It gives EchoSign a new route to market for a great service I really like. But…I believe BT has dropped an almighty pricing clanger.

Who will pay £19.95 per user per month (+ VAT @ 17.5%) when you can buy the basic service for as little as $12.95/month? The BT version has some bells and whistles reserved for EchoSign’s enterprise edition but is the price differential worth the extra for an SMB? I don’t think so.

Jeff Nolan thinks it’s a sweet deal and in many ways he is right. But without competitive pricing, it’s a dead duck IMO.

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Jason M. Lemkin October 4, 2007 at 1:58 pm

Dennis – A fair point. The BT version does have more bells and whistles, but pricing has been normalized £9.95 per user which also includes UK-localized fax signature automation as well as e-signatures.

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