Another SAP and Irregular group pic

by admin on December 8, 2007

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It is becoming something of a tradition among my colleagues in the Enterprise Irregulars to have a group photo taken with Henning Kagermann, SAP’s CEO. Here is the latest from last week’s Influencer’s Summit in Boston.

Thomas Otter noted that sartorial quality has improved significantly over the months. I have to agree. However I did notice that quality drifts slightly as one moves from left to right in the line up. ;) New York was a very relaxed affair and Vienna was what can only be described as a ‘mixed’ affair.

From left to right:

Prashanth Rai

Brian Sommer

Vinnie Mirchandani

Henning Kagermann

James Governor

Sig Rinde

Mike Krigsman

Zoli Erdos (from whose Flickr the above pic comes)

Jerry Bowles

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james governor December 9, 2007 at 5:09 pm

what does the hyperlinked list above show us? henning needs a blog… wot no url/ ;-0

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