Bad food: Hot Pockets

by admin on July 7, 2008

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Totally off topic but it has to be said. I didn’t know about Hot Pockets until this evening. If you’re old enough you’ll remember Vesta instant dinner things which were the cheapo person’s way of avoiding cooking. Hot Pockets are the same but hey ho. Sometimes comfort food is required and around here we’re not exactly flush on takeaways.

On the edible versus inedible scale Hot Pockets are up there with the worst crap I’ve ever tasted. Which of itself is an ironic statement because I don’t eat feces. But then Hot Pockets come close to what I imagine that experience might be like.

Somehow and despite following the instructions to the letter I managed to burn the dang thing. Soldiering on, I attacked said object with a steak knife to reveal an inedible gooey substance that must have come off a horror movie film lot.

Now making a cheese sandwich and washing my mouth out with Listerine and hoping to heck that Jeff’s thoughts about the effects of eating a Hot Pocket are not true. The laughter level suggests otherwise.

Back to normal programming.

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Krupo July 7, 2008 at 6:32 am

Ah yes, videosift caught this one 18 months ago. :)…

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