Six ways to create video

by admin on September 16, 2008

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I now have six ways to create video content. Each has its advantages

  1. Built in iSight on the MacBook Pro for quick webcams and Skype video calls
  2. Logitech QuickCam Pro which includes a built in microphone. Excellent for desk work.
  3. Casio Excelim camera which gives me 10 minutes of continuous video. Quality is OK but colours tend to be warm.
  4. Built in N95 video direct to Qik. Quality is not great but sound is fine. Only really useful in my home country because it is so data intensive. The N95 video also sucks the standard battery life very quickly.
  5. Built in N95 for processing via iMovie and later upload.
  6. Flip Ultra video which can be directly uploaded via USB connection to YouTube. Film and sound quality are very good, the unit is drop dead easy to use but it takes a lot of processing time to upload say 5 minutes of video which has to be compressed down from around 180 MB.

The beauty of all these methods (except perhaps no.2) is that all require no appreciable difference in hand luggage when schlepping around Europe. As an aside, I use the N95 as my day to day snapshot camera because that’s the device I always carry. Given it has a 5 megapixel camera built in, quality is pretty darned good.

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