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by admin on November 25, 2008

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It’s rare for me to come out with a straight up endorsement for any of my sponsors but on this occasion, Xero deserves a big shout out. They’re having a crack at the Crunchies. These are usually US dominated but there’s nothing to prevent an ‘outsider’ from making a splash. Why am I pimping them? Xero has done a great job on its user interface and developed a strong offering but that of itself is not enough if it is just another software company flogging the ‘saas story’ in prettier threads. Xero is doing more.

Ben Kepes records that Xero has managed to get NAB on board:

NAB will be providing this integral and innovative service in December for NAB customers using Xero.

As soon as the feeds are live, we will let you know how to add your NAB account to this convenient service.

Achieving the link between bank and Xero is not a trivial task and it has taken many months to get to this point.  Thank you to the many staff at NAB who have worked with us to make things easier for small business owners in Australia.

This is huge. Getting a bank to provide linking services puts Xero in an unusually favored position. Provided both the bank and Xero position this correctly, it can provide a solid platform for onboarding new customers. Past efforts by others have rarely provided significant obvious advantage to end users. SaaS changes that because the vendor can position the benefits of real-time information sharing for the triumvirate of customer, bank and professional advisor. In tough economic times, that can only be a good thing. It is in everyone’s interests that information be available as transparently and timely as possible.

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