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by admin on August 20, 2009

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My pitching partner on all things maintenance Vinnie Mirchandani tells me “It’s Time to Get the Accountants in the Data Center.” Harrumph – I didn’t get that memo not that it is something many CFO/FD types would find particularly interesting. At least not until they’ve taken Vinnie’s refresher course in how data centres can suck large gobs of IT budgets:

The click through took me to a power management vendor white paper about tax optimization on that capex – esoteric stuff, but the sentiment is right on.

The more accountants understand about the data center, the more they will ask – what the heck are we doing investing so much capex in overpriced storage and grossly underutilized servers and so much else inefficient compared to the data centers Google and Amazon and other cloud vendors have been building?

Speaking of which, I see that Joyent has created a virtual appliance for MySQL. For anyone with a development shop using the LAMP stack and a tight budget, or even those considering apps built on MySQL, Joyent could be a sensible choice. As Vinnie extols the virtues of low cost data centres, Joyent is taking the enterprisey fight to Amazon with highly favourable performance comparisons with Amazon.

The benchmarking results (scroll down from here) look impressive but anyone thinking of taking this service for a spin should run their own benchmark tests. Those with long memories will remember the leapfrogging exercises we saw between IBM and Oracle and then later between Microsoft and Oracle during the late 1990s. It was all great fun while they tried to out-PR each other and the end user benefited. Will we see something similar again?

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