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by admin on September 3, 2009

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Euan Semple on the New Web from Dennis Howlett on Vimeo.

Last week I wrote an (admittedly) cynical piece about Enterprise 2.o on my ZDNet blog. There have been plenty of comments and bigger brains have weighed in around the interwebs. Do a search – it’s all good stuff.

Earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to discuss with Euan Semple some of what I see as the burning impediments and issues related to this topic. There is much more to come on this. For professionals thinking about innovative technologies that might help take their businesses forward, I’d encourage you to watch this 13 minute video, read my blog on the topic and follow the discussion. There’s much to learn. In the meantime, here’s a re-run of the key points I picked from the video:

  • Enterprise 2.0 has served to describe some of the tools but is not always a helpful notion
  • Community is not necessarily a good way to describe what is going on
  • Acknowledging that management is not necessarily equipped to understand the shifts that are being exposed through the use of social computing technology does not necessarily imply business change management projects
  • Understanding that the technology is an enabler for exposing the value which can emerge from broader cultural shifts should help business better grasp the values which can be unlocked
  • Assisting companies in coming to terms with change is hard work – arguably harder than earlier forms of process change
  • Broad adoption may easily take 50 years or two generations. This needs to be seen from the perspective of the web being only some 30 years old
  • One of the biggest risks to seeing these changes through is a lack of patience
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Jon Husband September 3, 2009 at 3:50 pm

Agree with the bullet points …

I think, frankly, that the issues you have raised gave suffered from being made more superficial-seeming than they are mainly through the use / rapid adoption of a sloppy moniker, namely Enterprise 2.0

Jon Husband September 3, 2009 at 3:51 pm

gave suffered = have suffered

Dennis Howlett September 3, 2009 at 4:02 pm

@jon: as you know, this is a BIG, multi-faceted topic and almost impossible to cover in <15 mins. I was taking a particular slice related to the issues I frequently see to get @euan's responses which I think he managed admirably. There is much more to come on this.

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