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by admin on October 3, 2009

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WARNING – not safe for work.

Regular readers both here and elsewhere know I loathe the expression social media so when the word ‘guru’ is added, that becomes truly vomitworthy – at least in my opinion. For better or worse I rather suspect that despite my (and others) distaste for the term, we’re stuck with ‘social media.’ I’d name my supporters in this one but we’ve been talking through this in therapy so…I suspect in years to come we’ll look back and laugh at ourselves for being so naive and stupid. Anyhoo. This YouTube video is doing the rounds. If you’ve read/heard anything about the topic and are only 10% in agreement with me then you’ll get the joke. The video does have a serious side to it. Technology is fashion driven. I remember when Twitter came along someone quipped: “We’ll all play with it until the next shiny new object comes along.” That’s what it’s like sometimes.

But here’s the grim reality as well pointed out in the video: I often see people who wouldn’t otherwise know how to organize a booze up in a brewery trying to make money out of the ‘fashion’ element. It’s pitiful. What’s sadder is that buyers fall into this trap time and again. A case study here, one there and bang! They’re sold on something that might never deliver value and that despite an economy that’s in the toilet. When will we ever learn?

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