Jaguar Land Rover switching to Google Apps

by admin on October 23, 2009

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Business Cloud 9 has a terrific story about Jaguar Land Rover switching up to 15,000 users to Google mail and calendar. Apart from it being a nice cloud win story, Business Cloud 9 has some excellent quotes from the company’s CIO, Jeremy Vincent:

“There was a business case. We are saving a lot of money. But that wasn’t the main driver. Cost enabled me to get the approval process signed off quickly but in the future it will give us access to a commodity solution across the workforce. It’s been an easy job. Many of our workers use Google at home and as we know the experience of computing at home is years ahead of the corporate experience.”

I’ve tended to be somewhat sceptical about the ability of consumer style applications to cross over into business but in making this clear and unequivocal statement I have to say: ‘sold.’ Other gems include:

“If you are an enlightened CIO, you can see that Cloud gives you a greater degree of choice. If you need a new ERP system, you would have gone to Oracle or SAP. But Cloud Computing introduces a whole new set of real options which is a good thing.”

I’d love to know what he’s thinking about – other than

Earlier in the month Rentokil announced that it has done a similar deal with Google for 35,000 seats.

When you start to see stories like this, do you think the case for cloud is becoming overwhelming? Is Mr. Vincent plain nuts? Has he been sucked into the fashionista’s sparkling cavern? The evangelists will be cock-a-hoop with this kind of story. It hits all the buttons they want to press. Let’s revisit this in a year or so and see how far Jaguar Land Rover has progressed.

If you’re a practitioner, then what’s keeping you on Microsoft Exchange/Outlook? If it’s a tie in to a business critical application then maybe the time has come to ask your vendor why they’re not supporting Google?

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