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by admin on December 16, 2009

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Having given Xero a bit of a swipe in my last post about the company it’s really good to see how, in the run up to the festive season, they’re aligning themselves closer and closer to users.

December 15th – UK payroll update

December 16th – Happy new VAT rate

December 16th – Flat rate VAT

December 16th – What Santa has for you

What makes these changes interesting is happening at three levels:

  1. Xero is showing how a SaaS provider can make otherwise irksome changes seem (relatively) trivial
  2. The manner in which they are communicated is pitched at exactly the right level for the smaller business. The use of business language rather than accountancy-ese makes it far simpler for the small business to understand the implications of the changes made.
  3. The company is showing how you do customer support in the real-time world of SaaS. By adopting a ‘blog it here’ policy and leaving comments open, they’re encouraging users to chip in with any issues. The net result is they’re getting favourable play.

Which all goes to show that with SaaS, if you show your customers they matter to you, they’ll reciprocate without prompting. How much of a change is that from the past where we only used to see gripes?

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