Office gallery: gapingvoid style

by admin on April 1, 2010

in Humour

When I was in practice I liked my offices to be friendly and welcoming places. Sure, there was the Big Divide aka my desk but I liked to have a few pieces of art on the walls. Last Autumn, my good friend Hugh MacLeod starting selling his art. I started buying. It’s the first time I’ve had the chance to support a living artist who I have the privilege of knowing. I make no bones about the fact his work always brings a smile and makes me think.

I acquired two large serigraphs and six ‘cube grenades.’ I still have a seven metre wall to fill and have already made a shopping list of the next pieces I’d like. That may change and anyway, the walls are big enough to accommodate many more. And then there’s the house…Call me greedy, fool, whatever. But this is how I am defining my space. It’s a good feeling working in what I consider an art gallery. These are as much tools of my trade as the computers, cameras and other paraphernalia. Folk visiting will go away with something to think about. Heck, even Jude’s impressed.

Anyone with a sense of humour and/or needs something to inspire should consider investing in Hugh’s work. It’s well within the range of what’s reasonable. How do you define your working space? Include pics in comments…

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