What did KashFlow know about Lord Young

by admin on November 4, 2010

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AccountingWeb thinks there is a spat going on over the appointment of Lord Young as adviser to the Prime Minister on how red tape is impacting small business. Juxtapose that thought with:

The story took an interesting twist after Lord Sugar posted a tweet questioning Lord Young’s appointment as Business Czar suggesting that he might be “out of touch with SMEs”.

Being clever peeps, the AW team called up Duane Jackson since Lord Young provided the money that got KashFlow off the ground and is chairman of the company. Not one to avoid controversy, Duane Jackson, KashFlow’s CEO reportedly said:

“He has a good insight into SMEs – both from working with me in building KashFlow but also in hearing indirectly from our customers. He regularly asks what problems our customers are facing. I’m sure that some of those real-world problems will feed into his review,” said Jackson.

“On the other hand, Lord Sugar’s recent involvement with small businesses doesn’t appear to extend much beyond dealing with media production companies.”

All good knockabout stuff you might think. But then what AW noticed but only regurgitated was a press release on KashFlow’s site a few days ago with the incendiary headline: 78% of entrepreneurs tell Lord Sugar “you’re fired.” I remember reading the piece at the time and thinking: what’s the point? KashFlow is in the business of providing cloud systems to SMBs but this seems a little ‘out of range’ despite I’m aware there is a prurient interest among some people around Lord Sugar’s TV show The Apprentice. Put into the context of Lord Young’s appointment, the press release starts to make sense.

So my question is this: did Lord Young recently let slip to Mr Jackson that he was in the offing for a post in the PMs office? If so then that would explain why KashFlow undertook the survey, the results of which were published 27th October, a week before Lord Young’s appointment. If so then it’s a smart piece of market positioning but not much else. The next obvious headline? How about: Our man in the PM’s office?

As I write this I’ve not had chance to quiz Mr Jackson on this point…I’m betting there will be a denial. ;)

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