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by admin on June 22, 2011

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The attached audio file represents most of what was discussed last week at ICAEW between both Xero practitioners and business users. Rather than try chop it up I felt that offering the full, unexpurgated version would give the best flavour of our discussion. Warning – it runs an hour so think about bagging this over lunch or on the commute.

Around the table we have:

Mike Case – Red Top

Sean Price – iBox Security

Kim Ashurst – Feist Hedgethorne

David Chiverton – Lux Monkey

Peter Czapp – The Wow Company

Chris Reid – Chris Reid Ltd

Each brings a unique perspective of what SaaS accounting is delivering to their respective businesses and practices but throughout you’ll hear the same broad message: ‘saas has changed our world’ in almost drumbeat fashion. I’ve never met any of these folk before other than having had a phone conversation with Peter Czapp and seeing Kim briefly at a previous ICAEW event. Their perspectives are as fresh to me as they will be to those wishing to hear what’s said.

The business users say that saas has allowed them to understand what’s going on in their business¬† in ways that simply were not possible in the past. From the practitioner side (and to address some of Adrian Pearson’s arguments) we hear that practitioners are standardising on Xero.

Standardisation has always been something of a practitioner’s Holy Grail since it makes administration much simpler than hefting many packages. I am not sure this model will persist into the future but it is one that clearly works today.

I’ll publish the video files in separate pieces in the coming days.

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Adrian Pearson June 23, 2011 at 9:14 am

Thanks for putting this up Dennis, I will listen with interest. Regarding the standardisation “Holy Grail” I have some related thoughts here:

If we are moving into a new era of “long-tail” accounting solutions, where many small vendors can exist in a way that the old desktop model would not allow (which meant Sage and QuickBooks could squeeze everyone else out) accountancy firms face a challenge not seen since the mid-eighties: namely how the hell do we support clients using a dozen or so different packages?

Today’s tech-savvy clients are more likely to pick software that suits them first and then find an accountant who can support them, rather than the other way around.

hemp June 29, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Although the media and NASDAQ have pushed the iPhone as a consumer device apparently some business users are finding out that they like it too. Staunch business customers who are tech-savvy complain about the lack of email flexibility that the iPhone provides citing Microsoft Exchange and RIM BlackBerry Server functionality being absent.

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