IRIS World cloud sessions packed

by admin on October 5, 2012

in Cloud Computing/SaaS

I wasn’t able to get to IRIS World this year – too much time away as it is. But I did ask how the conference tour is doing. This from the company’s Tweet machine:

[My emphasis added.]

While I would have expected some increase in cloud interest, I was not expecting IRIS to come back reflecting what I saw the previous week at Xerocon. Which leaves me wondering what sort of predictions they are making for Open Books take up.

Similarly, I was wondering whether OpenBooks integrates to the IRIS Portal. This is a key strength both KashFlow and Xero hold with their accountants’ dashboards. “Not yet, but it’s becoming the meeting point of our online and desktop products. Plans are in motion for that and OpenSpace but there are no dates yet,” said the company. It is wrestling with RTI changes coming down from HMRC “at a fair clip.’

For those interested, there are still two dates available in the coming two weeks.

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