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SSA 2012 awards – a surprise among the mundane

July 16, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

I’m not a fan of industry awards. As a past judge on some of these things I know how easy it is to game award competitions and how, if one or two competitors choose to enter, then others feel impelled to do the same, regardless of the value they bring to the end customer/user. Even [...]

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Save the date, Xerocon UK 27th September

July 12, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

Xerocon, Xero’s conference for accountants and book-keepers is coming to the UK on 27th September for the first time. Like all conferences of its kind, this will be something of a vendor flogathon. The good news is that Xero is showcasing success stories.  On the agenda will be three examples of how SaaS/cloud accounting is [...]

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KashFlow in trouble…again

July 5, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

Oh dear. KashFlow has got itself into a bit of hot water on the social webs. Over on its Facebook page: On Twitter, CEO Duane Jackson said: Apparently I bully gay women.… #ukbf #wow — Duane Jackson (@DuaneJackson) July 5, 2012 Oh boy. Not good. Now to the meat of this particular spat. PrettyPinkPearl [...]

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The future of practice software. Step one, dealing with storage

July 2, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

On 10th January, 2006 I wrote: The traditional packaged application sales model where you pay a large upfront license fee and then periodically upgrade is predicated in part on the perception that once you acquire the license, you somehow ‘own’ the software. Wrong. You never own the software but a right to use. You find [...]

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The state of the UK cloud accounting market

June 13, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

Two years ago it would have been difficult to assemble a panel of three senior players in the cloud accounting space. Yesterday, we did just that. Richard Messik, Gary Turner and David Terrar were all on deck at the grandly titled Cloud Computing World Forum at London’s Earls Court. Between the three companies, I reckon [...]

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Do vendors really care about users?

June 7, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

An interesting Tweet this morning from @freeagent said: ‘New research shows most UK small business websites “still not mobile friendly”.’ Not being in the best of moods I shot back: ‘Should that not read ‘most UK business websites ‘still not friendly?’ Forget ‘small’ and ‘mobile.’ This turns out to be more than me being a [...]

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When is SageOne not SageOne?

May 21, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

When it is SageOne in North America. According to one commenter: While it is offered under the Sage One name it really has really nothing to do with the Sage One UK product. It has broad fucntionality across quoting; task management; collaboration with contractors, suppliers and customers; file sharing; messaging; invoicing; check-book accounting; payments etc. [...]

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Is Sage cloud strategy working? H1 results suggest ‘no.’

May 9, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

Sage has released its first half results to 31st March 2012. For all Guy Berruyer’s PR spin they make depressing reading and the markets know it. As I am writing this, Sage stock price is off 4.35% in morning trading. What worries me is that the full press release takes one more step towards obfuscating [...]

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FreeAgent expands into the US. Six key questions

May 8, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

Last week FreeAgent landed a fresh round of funding and acquired 60mo, a small, specialist business intelligence provider from the US which will act as lead partner for FreeAgent’s expansion into that territory. The blog post covering the event from FreeAgent’s side is here. Details of the funding were not made public but the general [...]

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Why I am not (really) following Saasu

May 8, 2012 Cloud Computing/SaaS

This is going to be a post contains contradictions. Bear with me. The other week, there was a comment on my post about my visit to the Australian Xero fraternity. It said: Surprised you haven’t been in touch with saasu, they are more than double the size of xero in australia with much richer features. We [...]

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