Sponsor AccMan

You might have noticed there is a panel to the right hand side of the main body copy. This is what we call the ‘sponsored posts’ area.

Here is how it works:

  • Sponsors are effectively renting AccMan real estate though we do not guarantee the position of any sponsored post. We have no control over the content.
  • Sponsored posts consist of two elements. The first is a valid RSS feed. This is what drives positioning and is entirely dependent upon content freshness. The second element is an image of the sponsors choice which is clickable to whatever location the sponsor chooses.
  • Images should be somewhere around 100×100 px. The exact size will depend on how well the image ‘fits’ into the sponsored area.
  • The exact timing of content appearance cannot be guaranteed. Usually, we find that new content appears within 5-10 minutes of original publication.
  • Sponsors usually sign up for an initial three month period followed by an automatic rolling three month period. If you don’t tell us you’re canceling, we assume you are continuing.
  • Sponsor fees are billed monthly in advance. If we get around to it !!
  • We are not regimented in the sense sponsors come on pretty much any time of the month. If they come on around the 2nd or 3rd week of the month then we often simply upload the feed and image and then publish immediately but do not charge for the unexpired part of the month. In essence, these sponsors get a bit of a freebie.
  • Sponsored post slots are low cost to the point of being something you might put on your credit card. How much? Contact to find out !!
  • The feedback we get from sponsors is that while they do not see a huge amount of click through traffic, the clicks they do get are often from well qualified individuals or businesses.

If you like the sound of sponsoring AccMan then please use the form below to provide us with details. But please note that sponsors get treated exactly the same way as anyone else that is discussed on AccMan.

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